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Our Story

World Flavors. Local Ingredients.

My love for food was first inspired by taking trips with my family across England as a child. I remember eating homemade ice cream in Cornwall and savoring the rich, creamy flavors of strawberries and cream. It was the first time food wasn't just something that kept you alive; it was an experience meant to be enjoyed.

Since my childhood, I've had the opportunity to travel around Europe; opening myself up to a variety of culture and food. I've developed a passion for cooking and trying different techniques to recreate the dishes I have eaten in my lifetime. This love pressed my curiosity to expand my horizons.

Later, I sold everything to spend some time in southeast Asia. The time I spent there opened me up to a world of different cultures, religions, languages, and (not to mention) food. No matter where I traveled, the one thing that stood out is the importance of fresh and local ingredients. I tasted the difference with the fish I ate at a restaurant in Greece, or the shrimp pulled up from the seas of Malaysia the same day it was caught.

With every ingredient inspired by flavors around the world, I hope to capture the essence of my experiences with every bite of ice cream. I am excited to share my passion and love for fresh and local ingredients. I hope to spark the same excitement and contentment in our customers as I experienced with my first bite of homemade ice cream.

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Michael & Helen Roberts, co-owners Cream Northwest

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